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History Events of the region

  • 396-397

    Raid by the Visigoths under Alaric into the Peloponnese; they depart in 397

  • 746-747

    Plague in Monemvasia. The epidemic spread throughout the empire

  • 783

    Campaign of General Stavrakios against Slavs in the Peloponnese

  • 917-918

    Raids of Bulgarians under Symeon I into Greece, but which did not reach the Peloponnese

  • 1111

    First use of the name Morea in a written document. In Arab sources the names Lamariyā and al-Muriya are used

  • 1147

    Raid and looting of Corinth by the Normans; occupation of Nauplia

  • 1205

    Foundation of the Principality of Achaea by Geoffrey I de Villehardouin and Guillaume (William of) Champlitte

  • 1208

    Geoffrey Villehardouin is ceded sole possession of the principality of Achaea

  • 1209

    The Morea divided into baronies, manors and castellanies

  • 1209

    The Treaty of Sapienza: the Morea became Frankish territory under Venetian suzerainty, with the exception of the complete Venetian control of Methoni and Koroni

  • 1259

    Battle of Pelagonia: the Byzantines became the masters of the castles at Monemvasia, Geraki and Mystras

  • 1262

    The Ladies’ Parliament in Nikli in Arcadia. The Byzantines secure their possessions thereafter

  • 1263-1264

    The Turks acted in the Peloponnese as mercenaries for the Byzantines against the Franks

  • 1289

    Transfer of the seat of the Byzantine Governor of the Morea from Monemvasia to Mystras.

  • 1316-1321

    Transfer of the seat of the Byzantine Governor of the Morea from Monemvasia to Mystras.

  • 1348/1349

    The Byzantine Morea underwent an administrative upgrade, becoming a Despotate

  • 1387-1388

    Gazi Evrenos Bey subdued the castles of Akova and Leontario

  • 1432

    The Peloponnese, excepting the Venetian possessions, passed again into the hands of the Byzantines

  • 1458

    Siege and surrender of Corinth by Mehmed II, and the occupation of the northern Peloponnese

  • 1460

    Ottoman conquest of the Byzantine Morea, except for Monemvasia and Argos

  • 1499-1503

    2nd Venetian-Turkish war. In 1503 the Venetians lost Methoni, Koroni and Pylos

  • 1532-1534

    The Spanish fleet, part of the forces of the Hapsburg Empire, seized Koroni, Patras, Pylos, Rio and Antirio from the Ottomans- for a short while

  • 1537-1540

    3rd Venetian-Turkish war. The Venetians lost Nafplion and Monemvasia

  • 1668-1670

    The Turkish traveller Evliya Çelebi described the Peloponnese and its inhabitants

  • 1684-1699

    6th Venetian-Turkish war. All the Peloponnese passed to the Venetians

  • 1685-1715

    The Second Period of Venetian Rule in the Peloponnese

  • 1770

    Eruption in the Morea of the Orlov Events, a failed revolution instigated by Russia

  • 1821-1822

    First National Assembly at Epidaurus. Adoption of the first Constitution. Corinth was made the capital city

  • 1823

    Second National Assembly at Astros. New Constitution written. Establishment of English, French and Russian Party

  • 1827

    Battle of Navarino: the combined British, French and Russian fleet defeated the Turkish-Egyptian one

  • 1827

    Third National Assembly at Troezen. Another new Constitution drawn up. Ioannis Kapodistrias became Governor. Nafplion made capital city

  • 1831

    Assassination of Ioannis Kapodistrias at Nafplion by his political opponents